All the Wrong Places - EP

Meghan Bowman

An album full of heartbreak and overcoming it. The lyrics invite you in and connect deep with personal stories of failure and victory. The piano leads with no regret. Artist has been compared to the likes of Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos.

Meghan Bowman has been hitting the piano keys since she was a little girl. Persistently in her parents basement, she would write melodies and record some lyrics on her first cassette player. Her first completed, refined song didn't arise until she was 17 though. She came home one day from school, picked up her guitar and started writing out the sorrows of a recent relationship gone bad.

Meghan writes: "It's hard to find peace and quiet around here. The laughter of the modern day sitcom in the other room. The sound of the dog barking. Even when I put my headphones on, and turn it way up, it doesn't cut out the sounds of the world. I think that's the most terrifying feeling. To not be able to escape. To not be able to hear what your heart says. What your conscience says.

The first undying love that I ever knew was from my 13 year old best friend. She loved so freely, and spoke so wisely. And she knew how to escape. She loved to dance. And she loved music. And I think that music lessened her pain.

Music speaks bolder than I do. It takes authority. If I have something that I can't admit, it comes out through a song.

I don't claim to know much. I am a terrible sight reader or reader for that matter when it comes to songs and scales. But that's alright, because I play music with my fingertips. I've been trying to see music like Stevie Wonder must see music. He's blind but I'm sure that he paints a picture in his head when he plays. Because he paints pictures in my head. "

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