Go get 'em tiger.

It's a sensitive kind of day. So I might say something that I later feel the need to delete.


I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I am affected by other people's mistakes.

I have been super pumped about releasing a new album in a couple of months. I've been super hopeful about it. But then the hard work comes in. The part where you analyze yourself, and let others analyze you. You try to hear the songs the way other people might hear them. But the truth is that's almost impossible. For me it is anyway. When I spend time writing something that is completely an extension of myself, when I experience the whole process of writing it to recording the different instruments, to hearing all the mistakes that were erased or maybe kept (because sometimes mistakes are beautiful!) on that recording, I hear the whole process when I listen to it. Every single time. I hear the entire process. I don't hear it for what it is at the end of the process.

Sometimes it's hard to have faith in yourself, when you don't feel other people having faith in you.

Sometimes you have to fight for something.

Sometimes you have to take a chance.

Sometimes you have to steward the work.

Sometimes you have to be broken in the process. You have to be vulnerable. You have to be ok with the process.


A lot of people think it's a stupid time to be a musician. Because there is so much music out there, and it's so accessible. Because so many people are giving away their music for free. Because those that aren't giving away their music for free still only get 60 cents for a song or .0000000001 cents for one stream. Because it's really hard to pay your bills sometimes in music. But some people persevere and they see success and start to be able to pay those bills. Good for them.

How I'm looking at it now is it's a really smart time to be a musician. I could go and get a really sweet degree that used to have job security and benefits, but that really sweet degree and that job isn't as valuable as it was thirty years ago. Our economy is not like it was when our parents were our age. 

It's a really smart time to follow your dreams.

Go get 'em tiger.


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