Here Comes The Sun!

This year is 1/4 completed. Scary. How did we get so old? 

Scratch that. 

How did I get so old?


Currently, I am on the outer edge of a four year degree, about to start my music therapy internship in Regina, Sk.

See ya later alligater. I mean, see ya later Vancouver. It's been a slice.


This city is filled with beauty. The natural landscape as well as the happening downtown life. The farm girl in me loved the fast paced atmosphere, yet somedays longed to get lost in nature.... and both options were at my fingertips here.


When looking back on a chapter of life, one should notice the hardships as well as the good. I have grown more here than most places I have lived (the exception is the farm I was raised on). The growth that happened was largely to do with just moving away to a place where I didn't really know anyone initially, but also the growth was largely because of the program I was enrolled in.

Music Therapy. What a beauty. When training to be a music therapist, there is no way around your own issues. You need to work that crap out. 

Crap has also gone down here. I am officially a part of a statistic in regards to sexual assault against women. I still have trouble talking about it. Good thing, it's coming out in my songwriting lately. Songwriting always makes me feel cleaner. And more broken all at the same time. 

So in conclusion, this city has been good to me. But my time here is tainted with the bad things that happened here too. 


Meghan out.

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