Why the heck do you feel like you're not enough?

Well my friend, the answer is simple.

Brene Brown was the first person who introduced the idea of "scarcity culture" to me.


Look around.... read a couple magazines, surf the interwebs, turn on the tube.... within the first minute you will have something flash before your eyes that feeds into the idea that you're not enough. Or that you're not living life right.


For men... it's probably the idea that they need to make more money, or be more aggressive, or have a bigger truck (maybe that's a prairie thing).

For women.... it's probably the idea that they need to drop a couple pounds, draw black lines on their eye lids, or be a little more quiet and meek.


Usually right after we receive this message we are offered some sort of solution. For women, it's anti-aging cream, a weight loss pill. For men... I don't know... maybe the perfect truck flashes across the screen/page. 


I am so tired of this. 

I don't want to spend my life hating myself. Do you?



Just appreciate the little things.

Realize that life is actually really short. 

Treat people with kindness and respect. 


I have a lot to learn for sure. I have people to forgive. And people who I have to ask forgiveness from. Life is hard. Don't pretend it isn't. But appreciate it when it isn't kicking you in the butt.


And try and start to believe that you are enough. You start treating people better when you learn how to treat yourself better. 


Meghan out. 



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