I still love chocolate. I have a dog now. He is officially mine. I found him wandering the streets of my neighbourhood in early Decemeber. 


I am in pretty much the same place with the new album that I was in the last time I wrote a blog. But things are moving along now. We are working on the graphic design and soon this beast will head to the manufacturer. Tonight, I finished writing my "thank you's" for the album cover.


I am heading on tour at the end of April. Heading out to the west coast. And then in July I am heading to the east coast. I miss the west coast so I'm excited to go back there and see some friends, and hopefully meet some new people on tour. I have never been out to the maritimes so I am so excited to be doing that!!!! I will be releasing some dates soon.

Also, I am turning a little older in a couple of weeks. I love lists and often on my birthday I make a list of what I want to accomplish in the next year. The only thing I love more than making these lists is crossing things off as I accomplish them! One of the things on my list that I wanted to accomplish before this next birthday was to release this new album - that will not happen as the release is happening way later than originally planned. But everything else on that list I have accomplished!


I'm still kicking. Still figuring out this thing called life. 


So far 2016 has been pretty exciting. There have been some awful days... but those are the days that I just go back to bed. Like actually... because of my weird schedule, I have had the luxury of literally crawling under my covers and sleeping the bad days away.  Also because I have a dog now he crawls in with me on those bad days. His company makes me feel better. But the bad days mostly happened in January. I haven't experienced any break ins or speeding tickets or broken cell phones since January. Sounds like I'm complaining so let me end this blog with some good things that have happened this year. 


A farmer gave me some earnings he made from his mustard crop to help me "follow my dreams". 

I have spent quite a bit of time at my parents acreage the past two months. My brother lives there too right now so we get into some mischief together when I go home. And by mischief I mean video games and grilled cheese sandwiches at 1 am. Occasionally we get a little crazy and... nope.... we haven't done anything crazy for a long time. 

I have spent a lot of time writing lately. Obviously not for this blog or any social media really but just for my own personal processing. I love writing. I really enjoy writing letters... even if I have no one to give them too. Maybe that's weird but I don't care. 




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