What we all need.

WHAT WE ALL NEED. After food, water and shelter of course. 


1) To feel loved. To feel significant. To be significant to someone. 

2) To feel valuable. Like you have something to offer society. 

3) Community, companionship. To have those…


15 Facts About 'The Watchmen'

Here are 15 facts about The Watchmen:


 1) I recorded it with my friend Darryl Kissick. Some of the tracks I recorded myself in my house... but because my equipment was breaking I think only one or two vocal tracks…


Thanks Sask Music.

I am excited that my latest album, 'The Watchmen' made it onto the 'Best Albums of 2016' long list. Thanks Sask Music. 


You can vote at this link:


You can listen at this link:


I don't care.

I'm going to make this quick. Maybe. Just let me get this out there.


I don't care what you think of me. I really don't. 

Some days I get weak, and start to think that the worlds opinion of me…


Keep Going.



Is not a one time thing.

You don't just show up once.

You don't just put yourself out there once.

You don't just express your thoughts, regrets, dreams once and then hide the rest of your life.


You keep…



Hello internetland. 


A lot is new with me these days. 


I won't tell you about it all but one thing to note is I have started my music therapy internship. Music therapy is such an exciting field; and I love…


blah blah blah

I've been working on this blog post for the last couple of weeks: using different language to try and say the same things.

Today as I sat on my couch staring at the blank walls in my new apartment for…


The Watchmen

This is the album that taught me how to fight for myself.

Today is the release day of The Watchmen. But I woke up this morning to find out that the album is nowhere to be found on Itunes! So…


The Amazing Creature Tour

About a year and a half ago I promised myself that I would stop being so fearful of life itself.

I decided to pick up my dreams and chase after them once again.


I'm releasing a new album in one…




I still love chocolate. I have a dog now. He is officially mine. I found him wandering the streets of my neighbourhood in early Decemeber. 


I am in pretty much the same place with the new album that I…


all things end.

Goodbye to 2015. 


This year has been

full of dreaming moments.

full of anticipation for things to come.

full of heartache over disappointments. 

full of grief over things that have been lost.


I left Vancouver.

to pursue finishing my Music…


Happy December.

Oh man. What a weird fall this has been.

It feels like I have attempted to start 73 things and haven't finished any of them. It feels like life is either kicking me in the head or it's clearing my…