See ya later January.

Still writing.

Still recording.


One of the best things about studying to become a Music Therapist is that music has found more avenues of being therapeutic to me. 


Some intense things are coming out through song these days.


I wonder…

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A year in review.

This year has been an important one.

I have been in school studying Music Therapy for the last year and a half. My program is often described as an "intensive" program. This is because if we want to be therapists…

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My doggies. 


I love Christmas. This may be my last "Christmas break" from school so I'm going to make it count!

I have written and demoed several songs this week. I was compiling them all…

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welcome to my hiding place.

Happy December! And thank you for finding this site. 

I am currently studying Music Therapy and I am in the middle of final exam time. I should be studying.... or practicing guitar for jury but instead I am building a…

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