Merry Christmas!.... again... just kidding 



Boy of boy what a day. 


Life is funny. It appears that there are many opportunities to hit brick walls, get doors slammed in your face, etc. etc. I sound so negative here... and I don't mean too believe it or not. This past season of life has involved much rejection. That's all I'm saying. And it's ok. In a sense, it has made me way more confident and ok with where I am currently. I'm ok with who I am. I'm ok with what I've created. I'm ok with what I've shared with you thus far. Even though…

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Merry Christmas! 

It has been awhile since I've been on here. Thank you for continuing to check in with me! 


Much has happened in my life this past year. It has been one of those hard years if I'm being honest. But there has also been a lot of personal growth. Funny how those things seem to go hand in hand. 


Musically speaking, I had a really fun and full year. I played a handful of shows the past few months. Usually starting with some acoustic -piano and vocal numbers and then ending with my cello and loop pedal. 


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Walmart Vocal Rest. 

Hello! Thanks for coming to read my random and strange thoughts. 


As many of you know, I am a full time musician, making a living in this crazy world of music by doing several different things. Teaching guitar, piano, voice and theory lessons, doing wedding music (I have always felt I could relate to Adam Sandler in the Wedding Singer, although I have never serenaded anyone on a plane), performing different instruments on other people's projects, my own singer-songwriter income; including but not…

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Happy New Year! 

I haven't written anything for awhile. That's just because I'm terribly busy doing all things music!


Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for all of your kind words and emails this past year. You have encouraged me greatly! 




Seasons Greetings 

As I sit here preparing to sing at a friend's funeral tomorrow, I weep. 


Why are the holidays so hard for so many? Why is there so much darkness surrounding us? 


If this resonates with you, I want to tell you, you are not alone. Because of my work in music therapy, along with my teaching job, partnered with my other musical ventures, I come into close proximity with hundreds of people every week, and I have been noticing a theme over the past few weeks: people are hurting and people are stressed. 


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A blog about hateful comments and losing followers. 

I'm not really sure how to write this post. I have been trying to write something like this for the past few months, but I always press "delete" instead of "publish". 


I'm not sure if I should be light-hearted or really really honest about what is happening in my heart at the moment. I'm not sure if it'll be too much for people. I have often felt like I can be "too much". 


I have spent the past 3 years learning how to be open and honest and vulnerable in my day to day life, as well as on social media…

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life and love and loneliness. 

Hello World,


What a crazy life. What a crazy world. Full of heartache. Full of disappointment. Full of beauty and generosity. And I am convinced that one cannot live without the other. Darkness and light are opposites and they reveal each other. 


It is in the seasons of despair that I have learned what gratitude, joy and worship look like. It is in loneliness that I have learned how to let people in. It is because of hard times that I can appreciate and live in the beautiful, fullest moments.



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Now Offering: Online Skype Voice Lessons 

I have a couple spots available to take on one or two more vocal students via Skype. 


Send me an email at to tell me what you are looking for during a voice lesson and we can work something out. You can sign up for one lesson or weekly lessons. 



First Orchestra Experience 

Hello, thanks for visiting this page.


Life keeps changing so drastically. I keep changing so drastically. 


Things seem like they get harder and harder. But at the same time, I feel like in the midst of the difficulty, I have greater appreciation for the simple things. For example, sometimes after a long, hard day, I head out for a walk on the grid road (if I'm at my parents) and just enjoy the quiet and the sunset. I might see some wildlife - I've seen lots of coyotes, a moose and several deer on that…

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Musician To Do List. 

I thought it would be fun to show you what an average day looks like for the average musician.


I am writing this post with the awareness that I may not be what everyone would consider the "average musician". But I am just that...


There is this fantasy about what said "average musician" is. To be honest, I'm not even sure what that fantasy entails anymore.

But I can assure you, what the "average musician" really is... is someone who is working their tail off. They may be experiencing some level of…

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