15 Facts About 'The Watchmen'

Here are 15 facts about The Watchmen:


 1) I recorded it with my friend Darryl Kissick. Some of the tracks I recorded myself in my house... but because my equipment was breaking I think only one or two vocal tracks I recorded made it onto the final product.


 2) Creative Sask helped fund the creation of it. And a farmer friend gave me some money to "follow my dreams" so he also invested in it.


 3) At one point during the recording, I tried to bang on the bottom of a piano (like actually - we opened the piano up to hit the strings) to make cool sounds and tones hoping it would make the album. It didn't. Sometimes my ideas don't work out.


 4) The first tracks we recorded for it were piano tracks on an out of tune piano. We were hoping those would make the cut (for an eerie effect), but again they didn't.

 5) The same guy who mastered Shawn Mendes album mastered my album. True fact.


6) It's harder for me to sing these songs now... and talk about how they came to be, then it was when I first released them


7) So I'll let the talented Daniel Bushman explain it to you






8) I made a video about it too. My brother Jesse filmed it for me on my parent's land


9) Track 9 was recorded on my Iphone 5 in my uncle's grain bin. I'm feeling more and more Saskatchewanian as I write this.


10) I don't consider these songs to be the best songs I've ever written. They weren't written with skill in mind... they were written in the moments I was incredibly frustrated and confused. I was a music therapy student while writing this album, so I was using tools I was learning in class to write these songs.


11) Most of these songs were written with the intent of never showing a soul. I betrayed myself and released them. But it's ok, I forgive myself too. 


12) Every place I have shared these songs, I think I have cried. No regrets.


13) My favourite part of the album is the page in the album cover where you can read ten quotes by people who have experienced sexual violence. This is only available on the physical CD.


14) My mom bought the most copies. No one will ever beat my Momma.


15) Sask Music included it on their "Best Albums of 2016" long list. I am thankful. You can vote for it if you like it. And if you don't like it, that's cool - vote for another Sask artist. They're all great. 


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