The Pacific Ocean.

One of the things I do almost every weekend is go to the ocean and journal. 

I will be leaving this place in under two weeks. I will be moving back home to Saskatchewan where there is no ocean :)

But I think one of the reasons why I loved the ocean so much while I was here was because it reminded me of Saskatchewan. 

You could stare out and see nothing but sky. 


Today as I sat there on the beach... I noticed all of the signs up saying don't touch the water, don't fish, don't touch wet sand, etc. because of the oil spill that happened near English Bay in the past couple of weeks. 

Today the ocean felt like it was damaged. It made me think about how much damage we as humans can do. We do it to each other. We do it to ourselves. And we do it to the planet. 

It made me think about restoration. Reconciliation. 

We can just spill oil into the waters. Accident or not. And the sea creatures have no say. It just happens to them. They either survive it or they don't. 

There are situations like that all around us. Things happen to us. Things are done to us. We don't always have a say. And we either survive it or we don't. 

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