The story (ish) behind the new album.

Good morning internet land.

I am currently sitting at my parents kitchen table, drinking coffee, eating a croissant with homemade rhubarb jam, about to go out and weed the garden and pick some raspberries. Feels pretty Saskatchewan to me. Except maybe the croissant part...

I have been working on the new album these past few months. I'm really excited (and nervous if I'm being honest) to put it out.

This is the story (ish) of how the record was written:


In October of last year, I had experienced something that I never thought I would experience. It's funny when that happens really... but it happens often and to a lot of people. We think that we are safe or somehow protected from bad things that we hear happened to  a friend of a friend of a friend. We never imagine it will happen to us (or even someone we love) and then BAAAAAM.... it happens to us (or someone we love). 


I'm actually not going to tell you the specific story yet. Kind of because I'm not ready to yet. But in due time....


I will tell you.... that it is evident at this point in my life, that nobody gets a pass from pain. It doesn't matter who you are: this life is full of things/experiences that will make you hurt. 


So I was having trouble sleeping this past year. I would just be afraid a lot of the time. Or even paranoid. Or incredibly sad. And this record began to form in those moments. 


Music is a wonderful thing. It has always been the avenue that I use to heal. Healing is a wonderful thing. Restoration is a wonderful thing. 


This was a record that helped me heal. But also just allowed me to be scared and vulnerable. I look forward to finishing this record and for you to hear it. I hope you like it. But if you don't, that's ok too. This music wasn't created for the purpose of finding my self worth in the numbers or facebook "likes" so it's ok if that doesn't happen. It was created to put a voice to the shame that follows victims around. 



- Meghan


* currently working on vocal tracks at Animus Productions

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