Musician To Do List.

I thought it would be fun to show you what an average day looks like for the average musician.


I am writing this post with the awareness that I may not be what everyone would consider the "average musician". But I am just that...


There is this fantasy about what said "average musician" is. To be honest, I'm not even sure what that fantasy entails anymore.

But I can assure you, what the "average musician" really is... is someone who is working their tail off. They may be experiencing some level of success at the moment. They may not be worried about how they're going to pay their power bill... but they have likely had their fair share of moments like that. 


If they are going through a period of success, they are probably also experiencing an equal level of rejection. I have learned that the more people you have listening to you, or following you, the more likely you are going to receive emails or comments from people who don't get you or don't like what you're doing or they may even not like YOU (or they think they don't).


The musician works hard at their craft. They probably have several projects on the go at one time and have to learn how to have stamina to complete some of those projects, and they have to have the intelligence to know which ones to let go of. 


To Do List for today (literally):


1) Wake up + coffee

2) catch up on emails

3) Finish editing new Cello Diaries video and upload to Youtube (new thing I have been working on)

4) Instagram business

5) Practice cello - lesson tomorrow - get bar 34 down on the Minuet so I can move on this week!

6) Finish Music Therapy internship proposal and send to my supervisor

7) Coffee

8) Vacuum music room and living room

9) Do laundry

10) Set up voice/piano student schedule for August

11) Lunch

12) Teach some awesome piano/voice students for a few hours

13) Late supper.

14) ...

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