First Orchestra Experience

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Life keeps changing so drastically. I keep changing so drastically. 


Things seem like they get harder and harder. But at the same time, I feel like in the midst of the difficulty, I have greater appreciation for the simple things. For example, sometimes after a long, hard day, I head out for a walk on the grid road (if I'm at my parents) and just enjoy the quiet and the sunset. I might see some wildlife - I've seen lots of coyotes, a moose and several deer on that road and I'll just enjoy watching them in their simplicity. Yes, occasionally, scary things happen - like I had a coyote stalk me once... but I grew up in this area and I know what to do if animals start to turn on me. 


The funny thing is, I always bring my phone and headphones with the intention of listening to the latest album I downloaded on my phone... but I rarely actually follow through on it. 


I am a musician, so maybe you think that music would fill my ears most of the day. But I have never been one to put on my music while I'm doing homework... sometimes I do when I'm cleaning, or exercising... but often I just love the sounds that the world around me creates. 


Or I love silence. Someone I went on tour once, said "silence is underrated" as we were discussing what album to put on in the car for the next stretch of driving. She was indicating that it was ok to not turn any music on. I agreed whole heartedly with her.


Do you know that silence is an important part of the music. As I have recently become a music teacher, I have been teaching students about the values of each rest (like an eight note rest vs. a quarter note rest). If you don't like music theory, or don't like talking about it, stay with me here, I will stop soon. 


My point is... if there were no rests in music ever... the notes wouldn't be as beautiful or as organized. It is the rests that make the phrasing so beautiful. What I'm getting at here is it is my appreciation for silence that makes my appreciation for music so much greater.


The reason why I actually started writing this is to talk about my first orchestra experience. That happened recently! Last week, I spent all week with a group of about 30 different string players learning orchestral music. At the end of the week, we played our dress rehearsal in a hospital (treated it like a flash mob) and then played our final concert at the end of the week. Somehow we ended up having about two hours worth of material! That's all I have to say about that now. I'm about to head out to teach.


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