life and love and loneliness.

Hello World,


What a crazy life. What a crazy world. Full of heartache. Full of disappointment. Full of beauty and generosity. And I am convinced that one cannot live without the other. Darkness and light are opposites and they reveal each other. 


It is in the seasons of despair that I have learned what gratitude, joy and worship look like. It is in loneliness that I have learned how to let people in. It is because of hard times that I can appreciate and live in the beautiful, fullest moments.


Time keeps moving. I keep celebrating birthdays. Babies keep being born and people keeping passing away. I can't stop such things. I can only keep moving on with time. 


*You may wonder what sparked such a blog post and often I get real specific about what's going on with me. But not today. Today I just needed to be real vague. Thanks for reading. Keep walking.

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