A year in review.

This year has been an important one.

I have been in school studying Music Therapy for the last year and a half. My program is often described as an "intensive" program. This is because if we want to be therapists ourselves, we have to work out our own crap first, so that when we come alongside others we can better help them work out their own stuff. School involves paper after paper, practicum after practicum, personal positions after personal positions, cry session after cry session. Maybe it sounds like I'm complaining but I don't mean too. This program (and profession) is a beautiful one.  

This year has been one of change for me. And change is always hard.

Do you think the world values creativity?

Do you think the world values sensitivity?


These have been the questions I have been asking myself lately. I am still searching for answers, as I always will be. 


To you and yours, happy new year. I feel like 2014 was a hard year for a lot of people around me. There has been tragedy. There has been death. There has been family division. There has been heartache. There has been selfishness. Car accidents. Separation.


There have been glorious moments too and I must take a minute to recognize those. Reconciliation has been a big part of my life this year. I realize what true mercy and forgiveness looks like better than I ever have. I have grown to better understand unconditional love and how freeing that is. I cannot wait to exercise these things more in 2015.

I decided to watch the sun set this evening. The very last sunset of the year. I have learned a new appreciation for Saskatchewan sunsets since moving to BC. Yes, BC has mountains! But Saskatchewan has sunsets.  

As the sky was changing colour I made a resolution for 2015. 

This year I will not be so afraid. 

I see fear all around me. I have been afraid of things at many different times in my life.

I will not be so afraid of what others think of me.

I will not be afraid of the end of things. Because the end is what makes the journey so precious. Hence, I will enjoy the moment more.

I will not be afraid of death. Life is short. Let's live it.


Happy new year. Be safe.




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