all things end.

Goodbye to 2015. 


This year has been

full of dreaming moments.

full of anticipation for things to come.

full of heartache over disappointments. 

full of grief over things that have been lost.


I left Vancouver.

to pursue finishing my Music Therapy degree in Regina, Saskatchewan. That did not happen.


But space/room/time was created so that I could finish this new album: The Watchmen.


Sometimes this album is hard for me to sing.

I'm sorry if that seems weird to say.

Some people might think I should just be thankful for the opportunity to make this album.


But so many songs remind me of things that have happened that I want to forget. 

Why would I write such a record?

Because I just want to be honest. 

Because sometimes singing those same songs that hurt me, also bring healing.

Life is funny that way.

You get it though. Because think of how listening to sad songs when you're sad sometimes makes you happy? But sometimes listening to those same songs when you're sad takes you further down the sorrow hole.


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