Happy December.

Oh man. What a weird fall this has been.

It feels like I have attempted to start 73 things and haven't finished any of them. It feels like life is either kicking me in the head or it's clearing my schedule for better things to come.


I left Vancouver. (I miss you!) And am currently living in the Queen City - aka Regina. 


I am doing my best to complete this album! BUT I have actually lost several vocal tracks due to a glitch in the software. HAHA. Funny how that happens. But today my friends, I hope to finish. And then I will make some concrete plans to release this beast. 


How are you? Internet browser, who is currently reading my words and thoughts. Is your life secure and sure? I hope so. That's a nice place to be in. However, if it isn't secure and sure, if you're wondering what the heck you're doing or where the heck you'll be in a month... then I say to you, thanks for the company. Times of struggle and uncertainty, sure show you what you're made of. 


I wrote a tweet (sang a tweet?) a little while ago that said something like, "Pressure reveals the cracks in your foundation. And even if the cracks destroy said foundation, you can rebuild it. Better and stronger." I believe that.... pressure reveals a lot. It is an interesting thing to see those you love under pressure. And it is even more interesting to feel the pressure yourself. 


I always thought I handled pressure well... until this year. Can you believe this round of 365 days is coming to an end? I think sometime this week I will write a blog about the things I'm thankful for this year. Or maybe what I hope to achieve in the last month of 2015. Yay for lists!




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