Keep Going.



Is not a one time thing.

You don't just show up once.

You don't just put yourself out there once.

You don't just express your thoughts, regrets, dreams once and then hide the rest of your life.


You keep doing it. You keep showing up. You keep pressing in. 

Even if people reject you. You just keep going. 


Rejection is harder when you're honest and vulnerable. Because when you truly are being honest and open and sharing something, if people doing like it (or don't like you), it feels like they are rejecting the real you. It feels easier somehow if you don't share yourself so much. If you just try and be "nice" and "sweet" and not too invested and not too emotional and not too opinionated. If someone rejects you... it seems to hurt less. Because you know somewhere deep down that they didn't really know you. 


Sometimes vulnerability doesn't feel like it's worth it. Especially in this day and age. But what other option do we really have?


I'm so sick of talking about nothing and not really knowing each other. 


Put yourself out there. Be who you really are. Don't try and be anyone else. Fight for something. Stand for something. Stand up for someone. Push the limits. Keep going. Take risks. 


Life is so freakin short. 



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