Hello internetland. 


A lot is new with me these days. 


I won't tell you about it all but one thing to note is I have started my music therapy internship. Music therapy is such an exciting field; and I love to be a part of it.


I have been working hard at learning how to play the cello. The cello is the hardest instrument I have ever learned. The learning curve often feels slow. 


Back in June, I was supposed to go on tour, and then when I decided to depart from that tour I had a whole lot of time on my hands and a little bit of money. I was a little discouraged as well, so I felt it was important to do something for myself in those days... Life is short. And we do need to take the time to enjoy our lives. Sometimes that is not possible when a crisis hits and you fall into "survival" mode... which is a very real thing. And I am sorry to those of you who are reading this who are in that space right now. 


But back in June, I decided it was time to buckle down and put all of my heart and emotions and frustration into learning the cello. As I mentioned before, music therapy is a beautiful field. And because of what I know about it and the education I have received, I get to utilize some of the tools I would normally use with a client, on myself. Cello is officially a therapy friend of mine.


I worked my butt off to learn the cello (and still am). I did. There's no nice way to say it. In the beginning I was sitting with my cello for three hours a day. Eventually that dwindled. And I had to be careful to not injure anything. I have injury-prone wrists and I often deal with pain in that area... so if my wrists hurt, I stopped practicing. Eventually the three hours, turned into two and now I'm lucky if I can sit down for an hour to practice my cello. 


But the thing I learned about progression in the past few months is:

1) Consistency is key. 

No matter what your goal is, you can't work towards it on just the days that you feel like it. You have to be consistent. You can make mistakes sometimes, and take some time off sometimes... but have some grace with yourself and then start again. And my second point has to do with just that...


2) Grace.

In your health goals, your finance goals, your musical goals... grace is key. I often want to progress faster than I am. Especially when I am working on some issue with myself personally, I just want to fix my bad habit or whatever and be a super human. But I am not a super human. I am a fragile, resilient, creative, messy person. I have to respect my limitations sometimes. But I also have to break open the freakin box other times. But in the moments that I feel like throwing in the towel completely because I messed up or got off track for a few days, I have to learn to forgive myself and start again. 

I can't tell you how many times, I have failed at something and never tried that thing again. Did you know that many millionaires in our world were once bankrupt? Look at the stats. 

The people who actually succeed are the ones who learned from their failures and tried again. 


Have a good day. Here are some videos to see my progression on the cello if you're interested. More coming soon I hope!


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