The Amazing Creature Tour

About a year and a half ago I promised myself that I would stop being so fearful of life itself.

I decided to pick up my dreams and chase after them once again.


I'm releasing a new album in one week - April 29th!~ AND I'm heading on tour that same day. Both of these things are dreams of mine. Yes, I have released and album before and I have gone on tour. But this feels a little different.


I'm not so afraid anymore. I'm not afraid to share my heart with a room full of people. I don't feel the need to apologize for who I am or for what music flows out of me. I have learned the hard way that not everyone even approves of my music. But that's ok. And who cares? It's not their music - it's mine. I am the one who went into that creative moment and brought out a song or a lyric. And it is exactly the way it is because I thought it should be that way. 


And because this album in particular was written during some difficult months - I should be proud of it. I should be thankful for the healing that came from it.


Here we go. I'm walking this out. The success of this album and tour is not about numbers for me. It's not about the masses being impressed. It's about that one person. It's about the people who are sitting in that audience who know exactly what assault/abuse feels like... the shame and blame that comes from an experience where another person felt entitled to your space and skin... I want to connect with those people. I want them to know that they have a right to be angry. But then after the anger relieves a bit, they have a right to process it all and heal. They will never forget... but they will walk away a whole, happy person. I hope for that. I pray for that.



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