The Watchmen

This is the album that taught me how to fight for myself.

Today is the release day of The Watchmen. But I woke up this morning to find out that the album is nowhere to be found on Itunes! So officially this album will have several release dates. Tonight, if you are in the Lanigan, SK. area, I am singing these new songs at Christian Fellowship Church (7pm) and you can pick up a copy of the album at the show.  This coming week, I believe the Lanigan Pharmacy and Guernsey Hotel will be selling it in their establishments too. 

You can buy it online at 

I have started writing this blog post three times now. My webpage keeps crashing. The “circle of death” keeps showing up. You know that little circle that says something is loading – but it probably isn’t. And you’re 2008 Macbook will probably just freeze and you’ll have to “force shut down”.


I am currently trying to upload the album to more internet sites to make it available to you, but I am dealing with rural Saskatchewan internet… so like I said – this album is being released today, tomorrow and for weeks to come. It’s a new trend I’m trying – the multiple release dates trend.


This entire album has taught me how to fight for something. So it’s probably appropriate that even as I attempt to release it it’s causing me so much frustration.


This album was birthed in frustration. It even taught me that frustration is not a bad thing. In North America, we are so good at becoming numb. We have substances and reality television and alternate realities (such as the social network I am writing this on right now) that can actually disconnect us from the deepest emotions. But The Watchmen forced me to feel things that I sometimes didn’t want to feel. But in the end, it was for the better – it gave me character, it made me see a group of people that I had never seen before (people who know the repercussions of sexual violence) and it gave me something to fight for. But most importantly, it taught me how to fight for myself.

I’m proud of this album and I don’t feel ashamed to say that. Thanks to those of you who fought for it to come out with me. Thank you so much to Creative Saskatchewan for being one of the first organizations to come on board! Thank you for your financial contribution. Also thanks to SASS (Sexual Assault Services of Saskatchewan). They released a newsletter today and featured my story. I will be doing more work with them in the future. Thanks to Darryl Kissick who was also one of the first people on board! And everyone else… I’m sorry I can’t list you all. 

Here is an article the Lanigan Advisor did about the story behind the album.

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